Regular Season

During the regular season teams are not as intense as they are in other games such as the playoffs. They still fight hard and this time of the season is the time for the bench players to prove themselves.


After the regular season the best 16 teams out of 30 teams make the playoffs. It is basically like an elimination round except you must win 4 games before the other team. You keep winning as much as you can until you win the whole thing or you are eliminated. This is the most intense time of the season and the players usually perform their best.


During the playoffs when all the teams fight hard there are 2 teams left that meet in the finals. It is the best team from the western conference and the best team from the western conference. During the finals, some of the best games happen. Sometimes these games even go up to game 7 where whichever team wins that game wins it all.

New York Knicks

My favorite team in the NBA is the New York Knicks. I like this team because I grew up near that area in Long Island. The New York Knicks are the worst team in the NBA but I still support them because I tdo not want to be a bandwagon.

Damian Lillard

He is one of the best players in the NBA and he is my favorite player. He is a point guard and he basically brings the ball up and down the court and he is the best player on his team. He is a super clutch player that makes a lot of points for his team when they need it most.

NBA Draft

This event takes place after the NBA season is over. Each team has one pick for 2 rounds unless they trade their picks. The worst teams have a higher chance of getting an earlier pick for a better player but that does not always happen. They draft players from college and high school that will soon join the NBA.